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Analysis, development and implementation of tools in a web environment that facilitate your work

Our development area has the function of creating solutions to problems or needs of our clients. With this premise, our task begins by understanding the problem, looking for the best solution to it, and proposing a way to solve it in the most appropriate way. On this path we propose the following premises:

  • Understand the problem, understand the customer.
  • ind a work environment and procedures according to said problem.
  • Use all the tools that development allows us.
  • Be honest and specific with the times and steps to follow.
  • Put all our effort so that our clients feel that they made a good choice when choosing us.

What kinds of developments can we help you with?

We have a wide range of work developed and experience in them, from a simple home landing to tracking systems and documentation or device tracking. Certification systems. E-commerce solutions, real-time event tracking. Training and training sites. Customer loyalty systems by scores.

The variety is great and the desire to expand it is even greater, how can Unitec help you today?

BEST system

Our Technical Service Extranet Base or BEST is a system for global use of device tracking and generation of documentation and measurement of time, multilanguage, developed for our client MSA Safety Company, with reach in Latin America and great desire to expand. This system works in parallel with our Sensei Certification system, through which workshops, courses and events related to security and training are followed.

Taking Web Orders for Tango

We have a development that is marketed as SaaS where the Tango system for internal use in your company is interconnected with a web platform with restricted public access, enabling the taking of orders externally and then inserted into the usual Management circuit. System developed in conjunction with Esl Estudio Boero and Asoc., Certified Tango specialists

Implementation of the BayPremium plan

UA system tailor-made for a client like Bayer Environmental Science, where customer loyalty and care for the environment pay off. Plan implemented in Argentina, Brazil and Chile for several years.

Contact us to get started

The first step is the most important, so get in touch with us and tell us how we can help you.

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Hardware, infrastructure and services

The range of possibilities to help them are many: equipment, services, IT processes, etc. The following lines of work are some in which we can help you:

  • Equipment sale
  • Home Office
  • Software Licensing
  • Wired Networks
  • IP video surveillance
  • Access and personnel control
  • Wireless systems
  • Original Supplies
  • Technical Maintenance Service

Wired Networks

Structured cabling, Datacentre assembly, conduits, electrical cabling and control panels

Software Licensing

- Microsoft -
- Autodesk -
- Symantec -
- McAfee -

Equipment sale

Servers, Workstations, Notebooks and NAS Storage among other things

IP video surveillance

Installation, assembly and provision of accessories. Special settings / Image recording. Automatic activation by preconfigured events, such as cash register or door opening, and by motion detection.


Some of our work and developments

  • All
  • App
  • Web

Technical Service Extranet Base


Web Daihatsu Tools

Web site

Deskin Web Site with orders

Web site

Sensei system


Order Taking for Tango in Web

SaaS for Tango

Merlino Laboratories Website

Web Site


Our priority is our clients and in many cases, their clients. We assume the commitment and responsibility to fully understand the need and not fail in any part of the chain. We put our best effort into it.


In 1990 we decided to join forces in a common project and since then we have carried it forward. Combining our best characteristics and an excellent team of people who collaborate with us with enthusiasm and a lot of drive.

Horacio Cebreiro

Hardware and services area

Responsible for the technical service area and hardware equipment. He has been developing this activity since 1990, understanding perfectly the needs of each client and proposing the best option to implement in each case.

Sergio Eleusippi

Software development area

Responsible for the development area. Since 2005 we have been implementing the software development area and since then it has served as a project leader in every need, requirement or idea that has arisen or arisen.


We are located in the geographic heart of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires - Argentina, in the Caballito neighborhood.


Tomás A. Valle 379 - Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina




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